Mozambique ranks fifth in the world for people living with HIV and AIDS and it is estimated that 410 new infections occur everyday. The impact on Mozambican communities is severe and pervasive but is not often publicly addressed or discussed.

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Utilising a unique approach, AptART provides workshops that encourage youth to express both their uncertainties and understanding of HIV and AIDS through art. Workshops include art instruction, large-scale community murals and open forum discussions. AptART works to bring conversations about misinformation, stigma and discrimination to the forefront while building connections between the community and their local health centres.

If given the opportunity, AptART believes individuals can, and will, make informed and healthy choices about their lifestyles regarding HIV and AIDS. Nearly 50% of Mozambicans are under the age of 15, thus targeting the youth is targeting the future, making an AIDS free generation possible in Mozambique.